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The hackathon of Glarus

Hack4Glarus is the biannual hackathon organised by ungleich. It welcomes hackers from all over the world to hack together on projects in the pretty mountains of Glarus. It is all about technology and fun.




Hack, Hack, Hack!

So how does it work? Hack4Glarus is a hackathon that starts on Friday afternoon. You will be presented with details to the challenges and given hardware (where necessary). The objective is to solve your challenge within 42 hours.


The environment

We provide you the space, Internet, food and drinks. And mountains. A lot of them. And you will meet a lot of cool people. At Hack4Glarus you can hack, learn, meet, talk and discuss. Optionally also sleep (mattresses are provided).
This summer, Hacking Villa Diesbach will open its beautiful door to the hackers, giving you the special experience: hacking in the 19th century hotel, anyone?

Meet us online:

We are meeting on our Matrix and Jitsi. You can join us from and our chat


The community

Hack4Glarus has been inviting the firendliest hackers you could imagine, the community behind it is open and welcoming. You can join our open chat and meet the community before, during, and after the hackathon. 


The tracks

When you register for Hack4Glarus, you need to choose one of the two tracks: the non-tech or tech track.


The non-tech track 2023

In this track you are challenged to solve business development, marketing or other entrepreneur tasks. It can also be challenges that involve technology, but you don't need to use technology. You will face real-world questions and get consulting from the ungleich team for solving your challenges. The following tracks are open for 2023 Summer Edition.


* Post Corona community building - do's and don'ts

* Digital Glarus for outsiders - how to market

* Sustaintable community building in the country side

* Post central communication - what to leave behind after Twitter, Facebook...?


The tech track 2023

The tech track is where your tech hands can get dirty. Setting up virtual infrastructures, hacking on operating systems, using/configuring routers/switches, experiencing the IPv6-only world are some examples of the challenges that wait for you in this track. It is highly recommended to bring a laptop with a unix-alike operating system if you join the tech track (anything from *BSD to Linux to MacOS will do). The following tracks are open for 2023 Summer Edition.


* All about Kubernetes

* IPv6 (only) networking

* The WiFi challenge - building the longest connection

* Matrix

* Building on top of and enhancing the fediverse


Check our previous editions of Hack4Glarus!

Hack4Glarus 2017 Winter


2017.12.01. Hackers from all over the world came to an old factory hall in Linthal, Switzerland with one goal : to improve people's lives of small mountain canton of Glarus. Our first ever Hack4Glarus! Where the great story began. 

Watch the Video

On the press (German)

Hack4Glarus 2018 Summer


2018.07.06. After receiving many requests of doing it again, we opened up a summer edition of Hack4Glarus. Most of the first round participants returned to Glarnerland to enjoy the beautiful Alpine summer hacking. 

The announcement

Read the recap

Hack4Glarus 2018 Winter


2018.11.30. The 3rd Hack4Glarus with the biggest number of participants! The tracks are: IPv6, Devuan, BSD, and Digital Glarus. The projects worked on Hack4Glarus are publicly available.

Check the projects


Hack4Glarus 2019 Summer


2019.05.31. At the 4th Hack4Glarus we opened up more defined tech tracks and also non-tech track. The tech topics include: IPv6, OpenBSD, Kubernetes, OpenNebula and more. 

Read the Recap

Check the projects


Hack4Glarus 2019 Winter


2019.11.29. The most sold-out Hack4Glarus ever, we had more tech-orinentated topics this time. Our famous Momo had a comeback and we had midnight game sessions and handmade hot chocolate!  

Check the projects

Hack4Glarus 2023 Summer


2023.07.07. After a long break, Hack4Glarus is back. This time in we were in Hacking Villa Diesbach, in a beautiful historic hotel with waterfall nearby to cool down after a hot hacking day. 
Check the projects

What our participants say

What's #Hack4Glarus like? Hear from our participants!

#Hack4Glarus is supported by ungleich.

What is provided at Hack4Glarus?

Enjoy hacking in the breathtaking setting of Glarus!

Food and drink

Nobody should hack on empty stomach! 

A big space for sleeping and more

A big space for hacking and sleeping, hanging out, and camping!

Perfect environment for hacking

The hackathon will take place at a beautiful historic building of Hacking Villa Diesbach.

What do I need to bring?

You need only 3 things to participate

Great Idea

Your cool hacking subject

Sleeping bag

Or anything you need for sleeping

Your awesome self

Don't forget to bring yourself!

How can I participate?

#Hack4Glarus 2023 Summer edition is coming soon. Please wait for the registration opening! 

  • You can apply for participation by filling in a form on the website or you can send us the answers via email.   

  • Get confirmation mail from Hack4Glarus.

  • Come to Hack4Glarus and hack together with great masterminds!

And there’s an extra: Fridolinpass*

If you have an extraordinarily good idea, apply for Fridolinpass! Write us why you should participate in Hack4Glarus, and how will the community benefit from your hacking. We will read your application thoroughly, and for the ones who win Fridonlinpass we will cover your travel cost within Switzerland to Hack4Glarus! 

*Only valid for travel in Switzerland. Outside Switzerland is not covered.
*Only valid with the proof of travel (ticket etc) and participation of Hack4Glarus.